About Samantha Barber

Sales Representative


Samantha’s love of Real Estate stems from her love of people, architecture, and interior design. With over a decade in the business, Sam is able to naturally find common ground with her clients so that they are comfortable, calm and connected. An experienced, intuitive agent and a natural negotiator, she thrives under pressure.

Highly articulate, motivated, professional and approachable Sams magnetism is evident through the friendships she maintains with past clients and co-operating realtors. She believes that the best way to fully understand her clients needs and wants is through building a lasting friendship first.

Samantha will be quick to tell you that Real Estate isn’t her first love. She’s the proud Mom of a 13 year old Son and 9 year old Daughter. If she’s not working you can find her bouncing around King City Hockey arenas, gymnastic clubs and baseball diamonds!